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Jet Set Radio re-release confirmed, hitting XBLA, PSN, PC this Summer

Jet Set Radio straps on its skates again this Summer

Jet Set Radio
Jet Set Radio

As hinted at by a fairly heavy-handed teaser trailer last week, Jet Set Radio will be re-released on digital platforms this Summer, Sega confirmed today. The game will launch on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC, giving folks who were hesitant to invest in the Dreamcast the chance to finally learn the joys of countercultural rollerblading.

A press release from Sega mentions the inclusion of the original game's "genre-blending soundtrack," which gives us hope that we won't end up with a generic score, ala Sega's 2010 downloadable re-release of Crazy Taxi. However, we're still curious as to whether it will have the custom tag import feature present in the U.S. version of the title, Jet Grind Radio. If the truly horrific nudes we've seen spray-painted on Counter-Strike arenas are any indication, we're not sure the internet is ready for that kind of freedom.

Sega has announced one way for potential players to get their art in the game: The publisher is hosting a contest to find 18 pieces of graffiti to include in the finished title. We encourage you to check out the rules and submission methods on Sega's site before you start spray-painting a design on your computer monitor. That's really not how the internet works.

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