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Gravity Rush touching down in North America June 12

Coming stateside just a scant four months after its Japanese debut

Gravity Rush release date
Gravity Rush release date

SCE Japan Studio's physics-defying Vita title Gravity Rush will arrive in North America June 12, and in Europe June 13. PlayStation Blog announced the game's international release schedule earlier today alongside a new trailer, which apparently reveals that most of your time spent in Gravity Rush will be spent stealing fruit from elderly women, and then terrorizing people with that fruit.

The release date is a bit off from retailers' original estimation of May 29, and way, way off from the game's February 9 Japanese launch. Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing manager Wilson Cheng mentions in the comments of the PlayStation Blog post that the delay is due to localization, and promises news about a downloadable demo is forthcoming. For now, you can check out the game at most PS Vita demo kiosks at retailers like Best Buy. Alternatively, you could go to the produce aisle of your nearest supermarket, and just start hurtling apples at your fellow shoppers.

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