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Super Monkey Ball on Vita makes levels from camera photos

Wait, is that level shaped like ... oh — oh god!

monkey ball camera
monkey ball camera

Super Monkey Ball on Vita will allow players to take pictures with the handheld's camera and transform them into levels. Nightmares ensue.

What's the quickest way to turn the family friendly fun of Super Monkey Ball into a terrifying maelstrom of blocky, genitalia-fueled nightmarescapes? Sega seems to have unearthed it, announcing that the upcoming Vita release Super Monkey Ball: Tokumori Asobita will include the ability to transform pictures captured with the Vita camera into playable SMB levels. The provided example? No joke — a banana. Really gang? Fresh out of less phallic fruit at Sega HQ?

The Andriasang translation of this promotional page makes no mention of whether the feature will be included in the North American version of the game; however, we do know that it'll be subtitled "Banana Splitz" stateside, ensuring that — should they be included — grotesquely pixelated wiener levels won't be the game's most nauseating feature.

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