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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition coming this summer

Baldurs gate countdown
Baldurs gate countdown

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will revive the dormant, classic RPG franchise in some capacity this summer, a countdown teaser page has revealed. The site in question has been counting down to the reveal since February, and now shows a banner advertising the title, which is being developed by MDK2HD developer (and Beamdog subsidiary) Overhaul Games.

Actual details on the game are scarce, though the aforementioned banner features a quote from Baldur's Gate character Alaundo. A downloadable remake seems like a logical choice, but we'll reach out to Beamdog and Atari to try and get something firmer than that. Stay tuned!

Update: The teaser site seems to be down, but the announcement can be found in Beamdog's latest newsletter.

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