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Wasteland 2 explodes Kickstarter goal, hits Oct. 2013

If Wasteland 2 backers donate more than $1.5 million it means both Mac and Linux versions.

Wasteland 2 is already at more than $1 million in funding through Kickstarter. If it exceeds $1.5 million it will be coming to Linux and Mac.

First Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter broke records pulling in more than $3.3 million to fund an adventure game and now Brian Fargo's Kickstarter to back a sequel to Wasteland is fully funded.

As of this evening the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter has raised a little more than $1 million from 19,778 people (including some from Vox Games) and it still has 32 days to go.

This afternoon Wasteland 2 developers at inXile sent out a letter to backers thanking them.

"Sorry we are late," it starts, "We honestly thought we had another week to write this update ... "

The letter calls the Kickstarter a paradigm shift and not one for just Wasteland 2.

"This is the beginning of a new era in gaming where the developer gets to work directly with the fans to build the type of product that the fans want," the letter states. "No focus groups, no pitches to the marketing team, no trying to get an executive committee to group-think their way to a project green-light. Now we just have a developer with a creative idea that resonates and a group of dedicated fans who are willing to lay down their money to buy it."

Thanks to the Kickstater, inXile developers write, Wasteland 2 will hit next October.

If the donations hit $1.5 million it will mean a bigger, more complex game and the addition of an OS X version for the Mac. If the game exceeds $1.5 million the developers say they will add a Linux version.

"A dream that began more than 20 years ago has actually come true," the inXile developers write. "After years of attempting to get Wasteland 2 kicked off and countless pitch meetings to every major publisher out there, we had almost given up. Even six months ago we didn't see any way that Wasteland 2 was ever going to happen. Then the world suddenly changed."

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