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Wasteland 2 will use some profits to fund other Kickstarter projects

Five percent of the game's profits will go to other Kickstarter developers.

Wasteland 2
Wasteland 2

As the Kickstarter for Wasteland 2 continues to chug it's way well past the initial request for $900,000 and toward a new goal of $1.5 million, Wasteland developer Brian Fargo is starting to hatch a wonderful payback for the communal donor service.

Fargo wants to donate some of the game profits to other video gaming Kickstarters as a sort of kick it forward.

"It occurs to me that we can harness the power of Kickstarter in a more meaningful way," Fargo wrote in his latest Kickstarter. "Fan funding is bigger than me or Wasteland 2 as I have remarked before. The development community has come together to support us in ways that I didn't think possible and our power as developers will ultimately come from us sticking together. Both gamers and developers have so much more strength than they realize.

"But in order to help facilitate the power of crowd funding I am going to suggest that all of us that do utilize this form of financing agree to kickback 5% of our profits made from such projects to other Kickstarter developers. I am not suggesting taking a backers money and moving it to another project.. I mean once a game has shipped and created profit that we funnel that back into the community of developers to fund their dreams."

Fargo has named the idea "Kick it Forward" and he's asking other successful video game Kickstarter projects to agree to do the same thing. He's even having a team artist create a special badge to be used by future Kickstarters who agree to Kick it Forward.

I guess that's what Fargo meant when he said that Wasteland's Kickstarter was a movement.

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