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Meet the Vox Games team at PAX East as we name our site!

Vox Games Is Dead, long live vox games


Vox Games is dying at PAX East to make way for our brand new video game site. Will you be there? We certainly hope so.

Friday, April 6th at 1:30PM. Vox Games will be no more.

No, no, dry those tears. We'll be retiring "Vox Games" to make way for our brand new video game site, and you can be the first to learn what we're calling it at PAX East. Hear why you should make room in your heart for another site about video games, let us know what you think is missing in gaming coverage, get to meet our whole founding team and be there for the announcement of some new additions!

(Keep in mind: We won't be launching the site itself until later this year, so you'll still wanna look for all our content here on The Verge gaming hub for now.)

So: Friday. 1:30PM Manticore Theater: "The Death of Vox Games (or: How to Turn a Funeral Into a FUN-eral)". Can we count on seeing you?

If you can't make it (or you just haven't gotten your fill), Team Vox Games will make some other appearances during PAX East!

Friday, 6PM, Manticore: The Blankety Blank Panel!

Friday, 8:30PM, Naga: AppNation LIVE! : The Best and Worst of Mobile Gaming

Saturday, 7PM, Arachnid: How Not to Make It As a Freelance Journalist

Sunday, 10AM, Arachnid: GuildLaunch Presents: How to Make Gaming Sites That Don’t Suck

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