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First Max Payne 3 multiplayer trailer explains bullet time and more

Only people in your line of sight will enter bullet time mode in multiplayer.

Bullet Time Max Payne 3
Bullet Time Max Payne 3

Our first look at Max Payne 3's multiplayer in action.

When Max Payne 3 hits this May it will bring with it not just the story of a broken man running from his tortured past, but the ability to hunt down and kill the game's titular character.

One of the many multiplayer modes in Max Payne 3 takes the concept of Call of Duty Special Ops and peoples it completely with human controlled enemies. Payne Killer has two players taking on the roles of Payne and his partner, Raul Passos, while the rest of the players try to find, kill and then become the two.

This first glimpse at multiplayer in action also walks us through how the game will deal with Max Payne's signature bullet time, an ability that slows the world to a cinematic crawl, giving Payne more time to aim, evade and kill. In multiplayer, bullet time will still work, but only players in the line of sight of the player activating it will enter the slow motion mode.

Finally, the video shows us a bit about how Gang Wars, the game's marquee multiplayer mode will work. In Gang Wars, players will compete through story-based rounds of matches taking on the roles of warring factions from the game's single player campaign. Branching storylines will dynamically change objectives based on how each round ends.

Sounds like a slow motion blast.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Russ Frushtick's hands-on impressions of the game.

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