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Sherlock Holmes, a bluescreen and some pretty amazing games need your help

A $221 donation lands you a one-time writing gig for the in-game London Times.

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

Classic mystery game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is now a Kickstarter project.

Before Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective was a wonderful full-motion-video mystery computer game you may have never heard of it was an award-winning series of book-based games.

Now, with your help and a $55,000 push from Kickstarter, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective can make a glorious return to the PC, the Mac and both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Zojoi's David Marsh explains best why you should care and invest in his game's return. But another thing to keep in mind is that this particular Kickstarter is also promising to donate five percent of its profits to future Kickstarter projects. Think of it as the donation that keeps on kicking.

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