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Forza Horizon drifts onto Xbox 360 this fall


Forza Horizon, a spin-off from Turn 10's hardcore racing and car customizing sim, is in development at Playground Games, Microsoft revealed during a recent Xbox 360 showcase. The game was described at the event as a "wing" of the core franchise, which a live-action "tone trailer" seems to support. We don't remember the playful exuberance seen in the video below while playing Forza 4 — we only remember our imperfect handling of turns, and the screamed curses that followed.

The UK-based Playground Games is made up of a number of industry veterans, including a large assortment of ex-Codemasters developers who have hopefully brought their experience with Dirt to this new project. Hopefully they won't bring any literal dirt, because we don't want that anywhere near our billion-dollar automotive masterpieces.