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Wreckateer uses Kinect to catapult into XBLA this spring

a smashing good time


As Boom Blox or Mechagodzilla before it proved, technology often doesn't come into its own until it's used for destruction. Chicago-based Iron Galaxy is putting that to the test with Wreckateer, an XBLA release that uses Kinect to put you behind the lever of your very own castle-crushing ballista.

As Wreck and Tinker do battle with goblins inhabiting over 60 different castles, they'll be able to tweak their shots with special powers that up the destructive force of shots or allow them to target specific weak points. Think Angry Birds meets Boom Blox. In fact, according to Joystiq, that's exactly how Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang pitched the game to Microsoft.

You won't have to wake long to see how his experiment in cross-breeding fared; Wreckateer is slated to launch this spring.

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