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NimbleBit reveals Pocket Planes, new mobile game prototype

Like Tiny Tower, only much, much higher in sky

pocket planes
pocket planes

Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit revealed Pocket Planes, its current work-in-progress mobile game, earlier today at GDC 2012. Touch Arcade got a chance to sit down with the title and its creators, and lay out some of its assumedly addictive features. The broad pitch is similar to Tower — players manage their own independent airline, strategically moving around people and cargo to an expanding number of destinations, all while managing and upgrading your planes and pilots using a heretofore unnamed currency roughly comparable to Tower Bucks.

All of that upgrading will cost a pretty penny, but NimbleBit told Touch Arcade that Pocket Planes, like its previous titles, won't require users to make in-app purchases to enjoy the game. Unless, of course, those people are Howard Hughes-esque perfectionist entrepreneur sky moguls. In that case, they'll probably go crazy until they can have the best that real-world money can buy. You can look forward to the obsession soon, if Pocket Planes meets its tentative summer launch window.

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