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NimbleBit reveals Pocket Planes, new mobile game prototype

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Like Tiny Tower, only much, much higher in sky

pocket planes
pocket planes

Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit revealed Pocket Planes, its current work-in-progress mobile game, earlier today at GDC 2012. Touch Arcade got a chance to sit down with the title and its creators, and lay out some of its assumedly addictive features. The broad pitch is similar to Tower — players manage their own independent airline, strategically moving around people and cargo to an expanding number of destinations, all while managing and upgrading your planes and pilots using a heretofore unnamed currency roughly comparable to Tower Bucks.

All of that upgrading will cost a pretty penny, but NimbleBit told Touch Arcade that Pocket Planes, like its previous titles, won't require users to make in-app purchases to enjoy the game. Unless, of course, those people are Howard Hughes-esque perfectionist entrepreneur sky moguls. In that case, they'll probably go crazy until they can have the best that real-world money can buy. You can look forward to the obsession soon, if Pocket Planes meets its tentative summer launch window.