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VEVO brings music videos to Xbox Live today

VEVO app
VEVO app

If you haven't yet watched the latest audiovisual opus from LMFAO, then you should treasure that fact for the rest of your days on this Earth. If for some reason you want to correct that oversight, there's a new option for music video viewership: The new Xbox Live VEVO app, which went live in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Ireland earlier today.

The app lets you search through 45,000 videos from 11,000 different artists using Kinect motion and voice controls to find exactly which LMFAO music video you'd like to view. We suggest "Sorry for Party Rocking," because we like to pretend that they're literally begging our forgiveness for their earlier work. Apology accepted, LMFAO. Let's never fight again.