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Epic Games partnering with new publisher Delkans for Mercenary Ops

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Mercenary Ops
Mercenary Ops

Mercenary Ops, the new third-person shooter from Epic, will be published by Delkans.

Update: Epic Games China is now Ying Pei Games and is no longer directly affiliated with Epic, according to an official statement from Epic.

Mercenary Ops, the upcoming PC-only third-person shooter, and first game from Epic Games China, will be published by Delkans. Shown for the first time today at the Game Developers Conference, Mercenary Ops looks like a hybrid of Gears of War and Call of Duty, taking the cover and reload mechanics of the former, and incorporating the twitch, competitive shooter feel of the latter.

Delkans is a virtual unknown in the American videogame publishing space, making them an unexpected partner for Epic Games, who, in the past, has worked with Electronic Arts and Microsoft Game Studios.