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Epic Games China now YingPei Games, no longer part of Epic Games

Gallery Photo: Mercenary Ops screenshots
Gallery Photo: Mercenary Ops screenshots
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Epic Games China is now Ying Pei Games

Epic Games China is no longer part of Epic Games, according to an official statement from the North Carolina-based company. The statement follows yesterday's news that Delkans will be publishing Mercenary Ops, what at the time was promoted as the first game from Epic Games China.

Here is Epic's statement:Mercenary Ops is being developed by YingPei Games, which was formerly Epic Games China. However, as with our many development and publishing partners, they are utilizing Unreal Engine technology.

YingPei Games appears to be in a transitionary phase. Their official website is still

Reached for further comment, Epic clarified that they have a minority stake in YingPei Games, but do not control the studio, nor do they develop their games. YingPei licenses Epic's tech to studios in China and is provided more support from Epic than most Unreal Engine developers.

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