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Protest stirs up GDC with 'God hates game designers' message

God Hates Games
God Hates Games

Outside of the main hall of the 2012 Game Developers conference, a pair of protestors held up signs with a fairly clear and, at first blush, fairly shocking message: "God hates game designers."

I'm pretty sure these guys are kidding. I don't think they really believe that God hates game designers, despite the fact that they were spreading that message by waving signs and shouting at developers outside the conference doors. I even overheard them debating the issue with passing conference attendees sucked into the spectacle.

The pair were also handing out fliers with different opinionated statements, which they backed up with select Bible verses. These included statements such as, "Design thinking leads to pride and arrogance," followed by Matthew 23:10: "Neither be ye called masters: for ONE is your Master."

I stopped by to chat with the two protestors to see if I could find any obvious cracks in their facade, which you can watch in the video below. I couldn't find those cracks, besides perhaps a bit of a wink and a nod to the silliness of the whole affair, off camera and after the interview was over. You can judge for yourself.

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