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Resident Evil 6 release date moved forward

Audience anticipation inspired Capcom to work harder on the game and get it out sooner.

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Resident Evil 6 hits on Oct. 2.

The worldwide release date for survival/horror shooter Resident Evil 6 has been moved from November 20th to October 2nd of 2012, according to Capcom.

Speaking at Capcom's annual Captivate event in Rome, Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi stated that audience anticipation for the game motivated the Resident Evil team to press harder for an early release date. The result: a rare occurrence of a videogame shipping over a month early.

Resident Evil 6 will feature online and offline multiplayer co-op, interwoven narratives of three playable protagonists and an all-new control scheme designed to be "more pleasing."

Although the game's three narratives begin at different times and places, the predominant locale for the game will be China, following an outbreak of zombie-making "C Virus." Players will step behind the guns of either Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield or Jake Muller. Any of the three main stories can be played at any time, in any order, but all will eventually combine for what one must assume will be a stirring, cinematic climax.

Expect more details to emerge at the 2012 E3 expo. For the full report on Capcom's Captivate Resident Evil 6 demo, see our preview.