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Lost Planet 3 leaked trailer confirms a return to a frozen E.D.N. in 2013

A frozen planet? A massive mech? Giant Alaskan King Crabs?


Lost Planet 3 returns gamers to a frozen planet E.D.N. – this sequel is being developed by Spark Unlimited.

A leaked trailer for Lost Planet 3 hit this morning showing a return to the frozen planet of E.D.N, really big critters and an even bigger Vital Suit.

Have a look:

The fully CGI trailer shows a man running across the once more frozen planet surface of E.D.N. and then getting into a massive, building-sized Vital suit.

It looks a bit like Steel Battalion meets Lost Planet and, according to the end of the trailer, it is in development by Spark Unlimited, perhaps best known for the already forgotten Legendary: The Box. Lost Planet 3 is due out in 2013.

Update: Official trailer added and read our preview of Lost Planet 3 here!