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Resident Evil 6 leaked trailer features familiar names, new faces, new date

Resident Evil 6 showdown
Resident Evil 6 showdown

The Resident Evil 6 trailer from Capcom's annual Captivate event has been leaked and, most notably, it features series heart throbs Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield teaming up ... or is that facing off? While franchise foil Albert Wesker doesn't make an appearance, the adorably named "Wesker Jr." is and something tells us he takes after his old man on the up-to-no-good front.

Lastly, the trailer reveals a new release date, as the late Q4 November 20th date morphs into a commercially preferable October 2nd, this year. That's almost two months earlier! Catch the full trailer below, and stay tuned for our writeup from the event.

Update: Official trailer added and read our preview of Resident Evil 6 here!

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