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Crysis 3 accidentally revealed by EA's Origin service

Crysis 3's nanosuit invisibility wore off

Crysis 3 banner
Crysis 3 banner

Electronic Arts' Origin download service accidentally published a listing for the still unannounced Crysis 3, confirming the game in advance of its planned reveal.

While the nanosuited protagonists of the Crysis series owe much of their success to the suit's ability to render them invisible until the precise moment they're ready to strike, publisher Electronic Arts doesn't share that same ability. The unannounced Crysis 3 was accidentally revealed on its own Origin website this morning.

As spotted by NeoGAF, and verified by a quick Google search for "crysis 3 limited edition download origin," EA's Origin download service featured the game on both Xbox 360 and PC; it's unclear if there will be a PS3 version. Accessing the once-live Origin page for Crysis 3 returns a predictable "PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE" warning.

A NeoGAF poster also discovered a higher-resolution banner image featuring the same compound bow-packing, nanosuit-wearing protagonist as the temporary Origin boxart, further validating the veracity of this leak. The April issue of Swedish gaming mag Game Reactor also appears to confirm the leak, teasing a game with the series' familiar hexagonal pattern.

We've reached out to EA for comment on the game and when we can expect to learn more. In the interim, keep checking Origin?

Update: EA got back to us and didn't play coy! "The best kept secret in shooters just can't be contained. Stay tuned for more information on April 16," the statement reads. Mark your calendars for next Monday, folks.

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