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Game Dev Story + XCOM + Sims = This

Space battles, red shirts, itty, bitty graphics.

Star Command
Star Command

Star Command teaser trailer

Star Command isn't just a universe in your pocket, it's all of the planets, starships, tiny people and raging wars that fill a universe... in your pocket.

Late last year, Star Command captured a lot of attention with its Kickstarter for $20,000. The Boulder, Colorado developers said they wanted to make something that looked like Game Dev Story and played like The Sims and XCOM. The itsy, bitsy, colorful graphics and wonderful attention to detail knocked that relatively small goal out of the ballpark, bringing in more than $35,000 for developers War Balloon Games.

Now they're showing off their first gameplay trailer and reminding everyone that the game comes to iPhone, iPad and Android this summer.

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