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Japan vs. USA: battle for box art supremacy

Box vs Box
Box vs Box

Who makes the better box art: Japanese or Americans?

Diego Garcia, creator of real world and pixel art mash-up "Class My Ass," has a new Tumblr project. Box vs. Box, a collaboration with illustrator Ashley Davis, pits the Japanese and American box art of classic games against one another in an aesthetic death match.

"I got the idea when I tweeted about how kind of bad the Japanese Streets of Rage 2 cover is," says Garcia. "And then how [much] worse the American one is. Then [NYU Game Center illustrator] Rachel Morris said, 'I wish there was a Tumblr for this!'"

Garcia is a pixel artist by day. He recently developed Ultimate Flirt-off, a game in which a man tries to string together intelligent sentences and win the affection of a young lady before alcohol reduces him to a humiliated, rambling unman.

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