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Play Super Time Force on a 25-foot screen tonight in LA amid artful time travel

Gallery Photo: So you created a wormhole art show
Gallery Photo: So you created a wormhole art show

So they created a wormhole art

It started out as a launch party for a book written by two high school friends. Somehow it became an art show for time travel that features a black hole, a time traveling stroller, pictures of a dinosaur-riding Hitler and a road-kill Lincoln. Oh yes, and one very special video game.

In the center of tonight's celebration of the wormhole and a guide to how to travel through it, attendees will have a chance to play wonderful indie-game Super Time Force on a 25-foot screen while surrounded by art, and people, and music. This first public, and free, outing for the game is also its largest. The game will be projected on a 25-foot by 17-foot wall, floor-to-ceiling in iam8bit's Los Angeles office and gallery.

The whole thing started out as a themed art show for the book So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler's Guide to Time Travel, by Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch, said Jon Gibson, founder of iam8bit.

"We decided to to a themes art show around time travel," Gibson said. "Art doesn't have to be a painting, it can be anything time travel related."

So while the show includes plenty of more traditional art, like paintings and sculptures, it also has some surprises like Super Time Force and a time traveling baby stroller.

"There are a couple of mainstay (artists)," he said. "But ultimately we kind of mined the internet to find new talent."

The end result is a free part tonight at the gallery with music, drinks, art and the book in a setting that Gibson describes as something like a futuristic arena.

Hit up the links for the how, where and when for tonight's LA event.