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Saints Row: The Third is saving THQ

THQ has three times the cash they expected.

Saints Row
Saints Row

THQ will survive.

THQ has some more good news to share.

Following in the wake of layoffs, game cancellations and down-sizing of projects almost completely spurred by poor sales of their now defunct uDraw accessory and games, the publisher today said they aren't doing nearly as poorly as they expected. The company expects to report a fiscal year-end cash balance of $75 million, or three times more than they had though they would have by March 31.

That's due in large part to net sales of $160 million to $170 million, most of which comes from the unexpected continued success of Saints Row: The Third, which to date has shipped more than four million copies. The game's digital sales is also much higher than expected, they said in an SEC filing.

The final bump in cash was provided by UFC Undisputed 3 which did a touch better.

We can expect to hear much more about how the company is doing, and I'd suspect what games they'll be supporting, in their earnings call on May 15.