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'Halo 4' makes its Conan O'Brien 'debut' with more goofs than gameplay

"No victory crouching on our faces." Andy Richter

Conan O'Brien Halo 4
Conan O'Brien Halo 4

Conan O'Brien visits Microsoft to record some voiceover work for Halo 4 and, while we're not treated to any significant gameplay, we are treated to some pretty good goofs.

On Monday, various Microsoft figures promoted a special Halo 4 appearance on the Conan O'Brien show, and our sources indicated that Microsoft would take the opportunity to share a November 6th Halo 4 release date. While that date was accurate, Microsoft opted to go the press release route and leave the Conan appearance to get some actual work done ... voiceover work.

O'Brien and company opted to handle the segment with goofs and guffaws, if not actual Halo 4 gameplay. 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor and Kiki Wolfkill direct O'Brien on some voiceover work and share some secrets that just aren't ready for public consumption just yet.

And thanks to the power of YouTube, you can watch the entire segment below. Then come November 6th, you can relive the fun in Halo 4 by assaulting a pair of lowly crate watchers with the butt of your rifle.