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Is this further evidence of a God of War sequel?

A new clue unearthed in PlayStation teaser points to a God of War unveiling tomorrow

God of War 4
God of War 4

God of War news hits tomorrow maybe.

We know that something for the PlayStation is going to be unveiled tomorrow because the platform's official Facebook page tells us so. We just don't know what, not for sure. But new information unearthed by the sharp eyes over at NeoGaf seem to reaffirm rumors that what we'll be hearing about is the next God of War game.

The image used for the teaser on the PlayStation homepage, NeoGaffers point out, is labeled plainly enough: ps_gow-teaser.

And it turns out that one of the bigger versions of the Facebook page's teaser poster, the one that reads "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?" is actually broken down into three separate images, each hosted on an SCEA cache in a directory that ends in GOWA_FB. You can see the assets home by checking out the page's elements in most browsers.

While there are certainly a number of things GOW could stand for, it stands to reason judging by the platform and the art style of the teaser image that this is a God of War game. So then, what does that superfluous A stand for in the directory found on Facebook? Could it be Allegiance, pointing to a multiplayer-heavy God of War game. Or maybe Armada pointing to a... armada laden God of War game. Maybe it's a God of War that has you taking down persistent cold sores in God of War Abreva. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.