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Award-winning MacGuffin's Curse pounces onto Steam and iOS

"Releasing a game really is akin to the birth of a child, including all the screaming."

MacGuffin's Curse
MacGuffin's Curse

Melbourne indie studio, Brawsome, release their werewolf, comedy puzzler MacGuffin's Curse.

The werewolf, comedy, puzzle adventure that won the Freeplay Award for best writing is growling its way onto Steam and iOS today.

Developed by the Australian indie studio, Brawsome, MacGuffin's Curse follows the adventure of Lucas MacGuffin, a magician turned thief turned werewolf who finds himself trapped in a high-tech lockdown after he bungles a museum robbery. In order to free Lucas, the player will alternate between his human and werewolf form to help him break out of the labyrinth of puzzle rooms.

MacGuffin's Curse has been in development for two years and the indie project was led by Brawsome's founder, former Codemasters and Krome Studios developer Andrew Goulding. Having worked on titles like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Colin McRae's DiRT, Goulding made the move into indie development in 2008 when he teamed up with writer Ben Kosmina for the point-and-click adventure, Jolly Rover.

"There's a lot of noise in the indie space, and we're trying in our own way to be different," Goulding says.

"The art style helps, as does the gameplay and the massive amount of effort we put into the writing. To me, I don't think being different is taking a risk at all - quite the opposite."

MacGuffin's Curse is the pair's latest collaboration and their biggest game to date.

"Releasing a game really is akin to the birth of a child, including all the screaming," Goulding says.

"This is Brawsome's second released game and I'm also a father of two, so I can tell you from both perspectives that it's still just as scary. But I feel a bit more prepared for what's coming, the love, the hate, and all the in between. It feels like embarking on a journey filled with possibilities."

MacGuffin's Curse is available for download on PC and Mac, and iOS April 19 Pacific Time. View their launch trailer below.

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