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Electronic Arts and Bank of America vie for Worst Company in America title

EA beat out Sony, Best Buy, Comcast and AT&T.


EA and Bank of America are vying in opinion poll for worst company in America.

Electronic Arts today beat out Comcast to make it to the final round of The Consumerist's annual Worst Company in America award.

The annual online competition pits 32 of the country's most despised companies against one another in a series of public opinion polls that run on Consumer Reports' website The Consumerist.

Comcast was 2010's Worst Company in America winner. BP snagged the title and the not-so coveted "golden poo" award last year.

This year's competition kicked off in February on the site, with a request for write-in nominees. The 7th Annual Worst Company in America tournament went live earlier this month with a few companies with ties to gaming, including Apple, GameStop and Sony. Electronic Arts was the only game publisher that made the list of 32. It was the publisher's first time on the list.

In their write up of EA, The Consumerist blames the publisher for price gouging, obtaining exclusivity with the NFL, buying off and killing smaller competitive developers and leaning too heavily on micro-transactions to make money. They say that EA has "spent much of the last decade cultivating a bad name for itself among millions of game-buying consumers."

Electronic Arts managed to beat out Sony, Best Buy, Comcast and AT&T to make it to the final round where they are facing off against Bank of America, which stands accused of helping to destroy the economy. The results of this final poll will be announced on April 3 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Say what you will about Electronic Arts, but it's amazing that the issues people have with video games can outweigh the ones they have with cable, shopping, phone service and, potentially, a country-wide recession.

We've reached out to EA for comment and will update when they respond.

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