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'Trials Evolution' breaks one-day XBLA sales record

Ramping towards success

trials evolution 2
trials evolution 2

Trials Evolution has broken the day-one sales record for Xbox Live Arcade releases, Microsoft has revealed via PlayXBLA.

Trials Evolution broke the day-one sales record for Xbox Live Arcade releases earlier this week, Microsoft revealed via PlayXBLA.

Trials Evolution, the follow-up to RedLynx's incredibly successful 2009 XBLA motorbike platformer, managed to "set a record for the highest grossing day-one sales in Xbox Live Arcade history," according to PlayXBLA, an official Microsoft source. No sales figures for that window have been released, but Edge reports that the game was downloaded around 100,000 times during its first day on the store — which would explain the server instability reported by some players on launch day. We've contacted RedLynx's corporate parent Ubisoft to try and find out the current sales total.

Check out our review of Trials Evolution to learn the reason for its unprecedented popularity.

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