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This single-player, time-traveling coop game is a beautiful conundrum

The unique game mechanic in Reset is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively, with yourself


Reset is single-player co-op game.

In Reset you travel back in time to solve puzzles cooperatively ... with yourself.

It's the only single-player coop game we can think of. It's also the prettiest. While Reset may not hold that first title for very long, We suspect it's going to keep that second one for quite awhile.

We don't yet know a lot about the game other than it is in development by independent studio Theory Interactive and that it is meant to be a puzzle game with a strong emphasis on story and atmosphere: A historically, very winning formula.

The game, and the studio, is the product of two people: writer, artist, designer Alpo Oksaharju and programmer, composer, designer Mikko Kallinen.

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