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Firaxis' 'XCOM' soldiers are action figures

"That's absolutely correct - we're making action figures." Greg Foertsch


XCOM: Enemy Unknown's art director talks about the design of the game's characters.

The soldiers in Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown will look like action figures rather than traditional soldiers, according to a new community video released by Firaxis.

Speaking in the video, XCOM's art director Greg Foertsch says that the the soldiers in the game are like GI Joes.

"It's something I knew internally but I hadn't necessarily vocalized it at that point," Foertsch says in the video.

"When I was caught out on it to actually sit there and think about it for a second, [I realized] that's absolutely correct – we're making action figures."

You can hear more about the game's art direction in the video below where Foertsch talks about how the art team created the tension and mood of the game through art and what he's most excited about.

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