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Midnight Purple 3DS listed on retailer's website

Earlier rumors pinned the release to May 20.

Purple 3DS
Purple 3DS

Midnight Purple 3DS coming in May.

A imageless listing on the Sam's Club website appears to confirm rumors that Nintendo plans to release a purple 3DS.

The listing is for a "3DS Midnight Purple 3DS Handheld" and doesn't include a picture or any details, but it does list a price of $168.58. Other 3DS listed on the site sell for $169.88.

Nintendo showed off a wide range of colors of the 3DS during 2010's E3 including colors that have yet to be released like the purple 3DS and an orange 3DS. Rumors of the purple 3DS hit earlier this month on GameFaqs when a reader there said they spotted a listing at EB Games. The readers said that listing showed that the new color would be hitting on May 20, timed to the release of Mario Tennis Open.

We've reached out to Nintendo for comment and will update when they respond.

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