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God of War: Ascension game director says Kratos may finally smile, prequel not a dirty word

"He's not going to be yelling at everybody. We'll even see if he maybe cracks a smile." Todd Papy

God of War: Ascension
God of War: Ascension

Kratos may smile in God of War: Ascension says Game Director Todd Papy.

At last week's God of War: Ascension reveal, the team from Sony Santa Monica was focused on talking about the impressive, if not confusing multiplayer. When pressed for details on the single-player campaign, Game Director Todd Papy volunteered a small, but tantalizing detail:

"I wanted to show different sides of Kratos. I want to show him [...] where he's with dealing with madness or something like that. He's seen in a different light. And he's seen basically a little more caring. I mean, I don't want him to go up to everybody and give them hugs. No hug mini-game."

Papy chuckles, pantomiming the use of a Move for "hug support," then continues.

"It's a way for us to show a different side of him. He's not going to be yelling at everybody. We'll even see if he maybe cracks a smile. Who knows?"

Check out our full video interview to hear Papy's thoughts on the origin's of God of War multiplayer, why prequel isn't a dirty word, and the ending of God of War 3. And then be sure to read our take on the multiplayer preview.

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