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Skylander test trade-in program kicks off at GameStop

eBay will probably fetch you a much better price than GameStop.

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You can now trade in your Skylander toys at some GameStops.

Video game retailer GameStop is testing out a program to accept Activision's Skylanders toy figures for cash or store credit, Pixelitis reports.

GameStop confirmed they are testing the trade-in program to Vox Games saying that "like all companies we continually test new products and services and this is a regional test."

The toys will earn gamers $2 to $20 depending on their availability, Pixelitis reports.

Of course gamers looking to earn a quick buck off their Skylanders toys could also turn to eBay where currently the highest price for a single figure, the Toy Fair Exclusive Metallic Cynder, is listed for just under $300.