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Vox Games is dead. Welcome, Polygon

It means "many angles"

Polygon logo
Polygon logo

For the last three months we've operated under the "Vox Games" banner (a temporary and admittedly generic placeholder) while we worked on identifying, obtaining, and ultimately creating the brand that we'll operate under for much longer than a quarter year.


While the word is surely familiar to most of you reading this post, its utility as an editorial brand name is perhaps less clear. What does polygon mean?

The word is derived from the Greek "poly" for many and "gonia" for angles; so polygon means "many angles," a suitable goal for any editorial imprint. But it means more than that to us. With the most high-profile editorial team in the industry, gathered from outlets including Joystiq, Kotaku, The Escapist, IGN, 1UP, Game Informer, MTV, The Daily, Kotaku AU, and, we're approaching the challenge of launching a new site from many angles with the help of these many voices.

And helping us accomplish this is Vox Media, a young company that's already shaken up professional sports coverage with SB Nation, and technology coverage with The Verge. Polygon is Vox's investment in gaming.

Polygon will be built on Vox Media's product platform, Chorus, which powers everything from the many voices of SB Nation's 320+ sports communities to the elegant layouts and communities on The Verge. Polygon represents not just an investment in editorial talent, but a complementary investment in development support; both are fundamental ingredients in successful online outlets.

That investment in editorial talent continues with our four most recent hires: Phil Kollar joins us from Game Informer and, before that, 1UP and you may recognize him from podcasts like "The Misadventures of Reiner and Phil" and "1UP FM"; Tracey Lien joins us from Kotaku AU, where she distinguished herself regularly with excellent pieces (try this one about the creative director on Assassin's Creed III); Matt Leone joins us from 1UP, where he's been a longstanding institution responsible for some of that outlet's best work (you have read his incredible reveal of Spielberg's canceled LMNO project, right?); and lastly Emily Gera, who joins us from the UK's Videogamer, where she covers PC games, though she exercises her savage wit on her personal blog (try this piece).

(On a related note, our friends at The Verge are welcoming another games media veteran today: Scott Lowe, the former Executive Editor of IGN Tech. You might have seen his PS4 processor scoop making the rounds everywhere this week.)

We're still hiring. While we've still got a mountain of applications for all positions, we want to expand that reach to include video shooters/editors in both New York and San Francisco, along with interns in the New York City area. Video applicants can email us at and internship applicants can email us at

And Vox Media is hiring for positions in New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and elsewhere. You can see a list of those jobs here. And The Verge is hiring for positions in New York and San Francisco, and you can see that list of jobs here.

While we're thrilled to mark the end of the "Vox Games" era and introduce the beginning of the Polygon Age, we're still a long way from sharing the final fruit of our labors, which is still mysteriously forecast for simply "2012." Until then, we'll be right here on The Verge, under our new brand. It's worth mentioning the excellent brand design work of Mr. Cory Schmitz, whose efforts have given us the mark and logo you see above.

Oh, also, we got you this:

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