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Bastion's early, ugly (beautiful) 4-week-old prototype

Even at four weeks old, Bastion's design beauty can't help but shine through.


A look at the Bastion prototype.

Barely four weeks in development, this Bastion prototype is the ugliest you will ever see the award-winning Indie sweet heart. It's also the most beautiful.

Stripped of all of those gorgeous colors, of its storyline and the rich timbre of its narrator, boiled down to the very essence of an action role-playing game, Supergiant Games' Bastion is an ugly duckling. But even in its flat monsters, all scans from Dungeons and Dragons books, its placeholder hero and utter silence, you can't help but notice that there is something special, something powerful here.

Creative director Greg Kasavin was wind enough to walk us through this early build of the game, something the developers brought to PAX East because they wanted to have something different to show to their fans. If it couldn't be something very new, Kasavin figured, it might as be something very old.