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'Ms. Splosion Man' on iPad won't be just an Xbox port

Splosions are beautiful on the iPad version of the game.

Ms. Splosion Man
Ms. Splosion Man

Hands on with Ms. Splosion Man on the iPad.

When Ms. Splosion Man hits the iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and iPad later this year it won't be just a port of the Xbox Live Arcade platformer; it will be a game with new features, and of course, a new way to play, the developer says.

Speaking with Polygon during PAX East this weekend, Twisted Pixel co-founder Michael Wilford said the mobile versions of the game won't just add touch controls but will also include some new gameplay elements as well. The game will also be getting Retina display support and the ability to stream gameplay to your television via AirPlay.

This will be the first iOS game that Twisted Pixel, which is now owned by Microsoft Studios, has made. The Austin-based developer was purchased by Microsoft last fall.

An early version of the game, essentially a port of the Xbox Live Arcade game, was playable at Twisted Pixel's PAX East booth, a collection of game-themed cubicles decorated to match the developer's major releases over the years dating back to The Maw.

While the new features of the game weren't yet incorporated, it did feature the final mechanics, which have a player sliding their finger on the left side of the screen to move and tapping anywhere to "splode."

Wilford said the team is still tinkering with how the game will play on iPhone and Windows Phone 7 phones.

"The smaller screen is something we're doing a lot of testing on," he said. "When the iPhone is smaller the camera pulls back and she becomes very tiny."

The likely fix will include tinkering with how the camera behaves, he said. But for now, you can see how this early version works on the iPad in our video below.

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