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These people shaved their heads for Far Cry 3

Friday's booth saw three fans of the game getting Far Cry 3 permanent tattoos.

Far Cry 3 Shaving
Far Cry 3 Shaving

More than 100 people stood in line for a chance to get a Far Cry 3 mohawk.

Would you shave your head for a free copy of Far Cry 3? Would you get a free tattoo if it were for a game?

About 100 people rushed the floors of PAX East Saturday morning for a chance at being the first 100 to get a mohawk in exchange for a free copy of Ubisoft's upcoming shooter on release day.

We chatted with Ubisoft Frag Doll Krystal "Siren" Herring about Far Cry 3 and why it's inspiring people to get their heads shaved and, on Friday, get permanent Far Cry-inspired tribal tattoos.

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