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Borderlands 2 gets character customization, Mechromancer class

Character customization will mean collecting skins and such on missions.

Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2

Character customization, Mechromancer and new special edition Borderlands 2 announced.

Another Borderlands 2 character class, the Mechromancer, is in development by Gearbox Studios, the developer said during a PAX East panel today.

Game Informer reports that the new class will be available either as a bit of free post-launch DLC for pre-order customers, or paid DLC for those who don't pre-order the game. No price was announced at the panel.

The Mechromancer will be a female character that is part human and part machine and will have the ability to control a large D374-TP "Deathtrap" robot.

The developers also announced plans to allow for character customization in the game, something they hinted at during out talk with them in New York earlier this month. The customization will be done through loot collection, allowing players to acquire new gear, costume pieces and heads by completing missions and challenges. Players of the originalBorderlands will also be rewarded with an exclusive head and skin.

Finally, Gearbox unveiled a $149.99 special edition version of the game that comes with a loot box, Marcus bobblehead (seen in the Kotaku photo) and a copy of the game.

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