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Hitman: Absolution US pre-order bonuses announced with new guns

A man, a submachine gun, a tuxedo


Hitman: absolution pre-order items announced, and they include suits and guns

Users who pre-order the upcoming Hitman: Absolution come May 22 will receive exclusive suits and additional in-game guns with their copy of the long awaited addition to the Hitman series.

Those who pre-order the title from will receive a High Tech Suit that provides Agent 47 with 50 percent increased armor. In addition this pre-order offers an in-game Bartoli Custom Pistol which includes sight and silencer features.

From Best Buy users will receive a Public Enemy gangster suit and the Bronson M1928 submachine gun which has a high fire-rate and stopping power.

Finally, from Walmart pre-orders include a High Roller tuxedo and a Krugermeier 2 - 2 pistol which offers Agent 47 further stealth options with its built-in silencer.

Hitman: Absolution is the fifth entry in the Hitman series and follows directly on from the plot of its previous entry Hitman: Blood Money.

Hitman: Absolution will release later this year however a firm date has yet to be announced.

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