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DSi and DSi XL prices drop to $99.99 and $129.99

Price drops hit on May 20.


DSi and DSi XL get price drops on May 20.

Effective May 20, the Nintendo DSi will drop to $99.99 and the Nintendo DSi XL will sell for $129.99, Nintendo announced this morning.

The systems currently sell for $149.99 and $169.99.

Both systems, Nintendo reminds us, come pre-loaded with an assortment of apps including Flipnote Studio and DSi Camera and DSi Sound. The DSi XL also includes Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Photo Clock and Brain Age Express: Math.

The DSi was launched in Japan in 2008 and in North America in 2009. The larger, XL model hit a year later.

The date of the price drop, May 20, also happens to be the day that Nintendo starts selling a Midnight Purple 3DS. No price drop for the 3DS has been announced.

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