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Dishonored gets October 9 release date

Featuring the talents of Deus Ex's Harvey Smith


Dishonored gets an October 9 release date, announces Bethesda

Dishonored is scheduled to release in North America on October 9, Bethesda announced today, while European fans will get a hold of the supernatural action title October 12.

Developed at Arkane Studios, the upcoming title is set in a Neo-Victorian, Steampunk-infused whaling city called Dunwall where you play Corvo, a once-trusted bodyguard of the city's murdered empress.

The team involved on the title includes lead designer Harvey Smith who worked previously on the Deus Ex franchise as well as stealth title Thief: Deadly Shadows. In addition Viktor Antonov, whose work includes Half-Life 2's City 17, is also involved on the project to help create Dishonored's world.

Arkane Studios previously helped out during the development of BioShock 2 with additional design, art and animation.

Dishonored will release on Xbox 360, PC and PS3.

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