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Hitman: Absolution out November 20, Sniper Challenge announced

Bang, bang, my Agent shot me down


Hitman: absolution gets a November 20 release date and pre-order announcement

Hitman: Absolution is coming to stores November 20, Square Enix announced, while those who pre-order the upcoming title from GameStop will receive exclusive stand-alone game Hitman: Sniper Challenge.

In Sniper Challenge, users can take on the role of Agent 47 and attempt an assassination on the CEO of Stallion Armaments, Richard Strong, Jr. and his bodyguards. Players can score multipliers, unlock equipment upgrades and try to discreetly dispose of the bodies throughout the game.

Also offered is an online leaderboard to compare sniping skills. The top North American user at the time of the game's launch will win a trip for two to Copenhagen to meet the Hitman development team and have a version of themselves incorporated into the next Hitman title.

In addition, the Kazo TRG sniper rifle available in Sniper Challenge can be carried over into the official game, along with all upgrades and unlockables.

Hitman: Sniper Challenge is available through Xbox Live and PSN starting May 15. The PC version will be available August 1 via Steam.

Further pre-order items are available through Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy.