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Nintendo cancels production on Aqua Blue 3DS, 3DS TV


Nintendo announces cancellation of Aqua Blue 3DS and Japan's 3DS TV

The Aqua Blue 3DS will no longer be produced, Nintendo revealed in a message on its official Japan website, confirming production of this handheld is "scheduled to end shortly."

The Aqua Blue-colored device was one of the two first available colors for the 3DS at launch, alongside its Cosmo Black-colored counterpart.

The platform holder also announced the cancellation of its 3DS TV available in Japan. According to the press release the service, called "Itsu no Ma ni Terebi", began June 21 of last year and despite serving over 1 million users will come to an end June 20, 2012.

The website states that users can still access video content through the Nintendo Video Channel available on the 3DS.

Last month Nintendo revealed its plans to begin production on a Midnight Purple 3DS.

We have contacted Nintendo for comment and will update the story when further information is available.

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