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CD Projekt Red hiring for two new RPGs

Could it be The Witcher 3?


CD Projekt Red hire for two new games

New job listings on the official CD Projekt Red website reveal the Witcher studio is hiring for the development of a new shooter IP as well as a possible sequel to The Witcher 2.

As stated on the website, the studio is "recruiting [for] two projects," the first of which is described as an "RPG in a dark fantasy world" and the second is an "RPG in a brand new setting." As suggested by a gun icon the listing, the latter title is believed to be a shooter.

According to CD Projekt Red, both titles are "story-driven RPG games for mature players."

"In order to continue in this spirit our journey within the constantly booming game industry, CD Projekt RED wants to reinforce its existing team with some highly talented and passionate people, who will help us in crafting new amazing projects," the studio said in a statement on the website.

"Our mature dark-fantasy world is well known around the world, though if you can't stomach dwarves, elves or sorceresses who put their ample charms on display in Playboy magazine, we've got also something special that might be right up your alley!

"We're looking for people who would rather work on an entirely new and different IP - a vast RPG for which we want to assemble the best possible staff. It represents an opportunity for you to create a grand new project from the ground up!"

CD Projekt Red is best known for the popular Witcher series. The console port of The Witcher 2 was recently released this year, and garnered a 7 out of 10 from Polygon.

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