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'FIFA 13' introduces First Touch Control features this fall

Mo' mobility, less problems


FIFA 13 introduces five new features this fall

FIFA 13 is introducing five "game-changing" features this fall, including Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control and Attacking Intelligence, EA Sports announced today.

Complete Dribbling is influenced in part by the reboot of FIFA Street this year. This feature offers 360 degree mobility with the ball, offering users the ability to face their opponent at all times and giving players the chance to be more creative in one-on-one opportunities.

Attacking Intelligence lets players break down defenses more easily, alter runs to create more openings, and pull defenders out of position.

First Touch Control eliminates near-perfect ball control for all players and creates more uncertainty with factors such as defensive pressure, trajectory, and velocity of the pass. This gives defenders a greater chance to take back possession.

The improved Player Impact Engine lets defenders use their size and strength to win back possession or alternatively force opponents into poor touches.

Tactical Free Kicks allows the user position up to three players over the ball, do dummy runs and create elaborate free kicks. In response, opponents can strategically add or subtract players to their wall or send a single player out to intercept the shot.

FIFA 13 will also include Improved Career Mode, improvements to Head-to-Head Seasons mode, new features for the live EA SPORTS FIFA online service and 500 officially licensed clubs.

Additional features will be announced in the next coming months.

FIFA 13 will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, while versions are also confirmed for Vita, Wii, 3DS, iOS, PSP AND PS2.