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Rockstar releases free 'Max Payne 3' DLC with Gorilla Warfare

Any excuse to wear a gorilla mask

max payne 3
max payne 3

Free Max Payne 3 multiplayer DLC out now

Free Max Payne 3 multiplayer DLC, the Gorilla Warfare Pack, is available now to all users on PSN and Xbox LIVE, Rockstar announced.

The multiplayer content pack includes items to customize your multiplayer loadout, including a gorilla mask that gives adrenaline boosts for every melee kill from behind, the Lucy Coin item that gives players extra cash when looting bodies and the Booby Trap item that booby traps your corpse to explode when rivals try to loot it.

Users can also download the Rockstar Pass on PSN and Xbox LIVE to access all future Max Payne 3 multiplayer DLC coming this Summer at a discounted rate, beginning with the June release of Local Justice Map Pack.

These items will be available for PC fans on its PC launch May 29.

Max Payne 3 is out now in North America. The game was recently awarded a 9 out of 10 by Polygon.

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