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AT&T makes largest-ever investment in video games-based education

Put down your pencil, pick up a controller


AT&T makes largest ever investment into new video game-based learning program

Telecom company AT&T will invest $3.8 million into a video games-based education program, the largest donation ever made by the company.

The program, developed by nonprofit startup company GameDesk, aims to test whether gaming can aid at-risk students by motivating them to stay in school, raise test scores and enjoy learning.

"We decided we were going to aim for exponential change in education," stated Beth Shiroshi, AT&T Foundation's vice president for sustainability & philanthropy.

GameDesk will use the donation to build a "classroom of the future" in Los Angeles where their game-related curriculum can be monitored and evaluated. Data will be made available online.

The company is known for similar games-oriented programs like Math Maker which combines basic game development with high school-level math concepts, and is said to increase math scores in 80 percent of its users.

GameDesk is also sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the Samsung Corporation.

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