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PSN introduces pre-buy feature, pre-loads unreleased titles

Buy it, load it, play it


PSN introduces pre-buy and pre-load option

PlayStation Network users are now able to pre-load unreleased titles thanks to Sony's new "pre-buy" option, a new feature which functions similarly to the pre-loading capabilities of digital distribution platform Steam.

PlayStation 3 users will be able to download titles prior to their scheduled release and play immediately on the title's launch date. They can expect to be charged two days prior to the release of the game.

The first title to use the new system is PlayStation Move enabled Sorcery, scheduled to release later this week.

"Sorcery was the first game to have it but others will follow suit," a Sony representative confirmed to Polygon.

The game is currently available to pre-load from the European version of PlayStation Network and should be available in North American soon.

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