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'DUST 514' beta registration begins today, 'EVE Online' players get first access

Beta alert


DUST 514 beta registration begins today, however EVE Online fans get first access to the massively multiplayer console game.

Beta registration for the upcoming massively multiplayer PS3-exclusive DUST 514 begins today, CCP Games announced, while EVE Online players and EVE Fanfest attendees are set to gain first access to the title.

Interested users can register for access on the game's official website. If accepted, those registrants will be notified via email invitation and given instructions on how to access the beta. A select number will be gain access to the title this week, however the beta will continue to expand through summer.

DUST 514 is a free-to-play, console-based massively multiplayer shooter which takes place in the universe of EVE Online. Users from both titles will be able to play with one another across PS3 and PC platforms.

It is expected to release late this year, but in the meanwhile CCP Games confirms further details will be provided at this year's E3 showcase.

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